The Role Of HD Decoder In CCTV Security System

A complete high-definition CCTV security system must cover the front, transmission, back-end and central all links, and all of them are indispensable. Among them, the front is responsible for high-definition image capture, transmission is responsible for high-definition image delivery, back-end is responsible for high-definition image storage and the center responsible for high-definition image display and business management. It can be said as a set of high-definition monitoring system. In fact, the real value of a series of high-definition CCTV security system embodies to the user lies in the high-definition display of image, which can not be separated from high-definition decoder.

The Role Of HD Decoder In CCTV Security System

HD decoder's main role is to receive front-end HD encoded images and decode it, then output them and display them on the TV wall through its own variety of video output interfaces, such as HDMI / DVI / VGA / BNC. Front-end camera input image and   encode it while decoder decode it and output the image.

The advantages of HD Decoder

1.HD decoding. It is the most important point. The resolution of the decoder upgrade to the high-definition of 720P / 1080P, and even reach 3 million, 5 million pixels from the standard-definition D1. The resolution of the front-end encoding will inevitably increase the decoding capacity of decoder.

2.High-definition display. High definition does not just means HD decoding, but also means high-definition display. The general output interface of SD decoder is VGA and BNC. BNC can only achieve D1 output and VGA can only achieve 720P output. But the general output interface of high-definition decoder is HDMI or DVI, which can achieve 1080P display effect.

3.Large-screen mosaic. In the standard definition decoder stage, the TV wall is generally a monitor. Now to the high-definition decoder stage, the TV wall has been upgraded to a large screen. Although the output interface of high-definition decoder has reached to 1080P display effect,  the big-screen mosaic wall requires a complete display of an ultra-high-resolution images. Therefore, the high-definition decoder must have a large-screen mosaic function which can  completely project the input HD source to a large screen through a number of high-definition output interface.

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