The Difference Between IP Cameras And Industrial Cameras

The controller
Traditional video surveillance cameras are operated and managed by professional managers while industrial cameras are are managed by machine for they are more focused on visual effects. The difference between a network camera and an industrial camera is the service and the service object. The former is to monitor the uncertain environment changes, and the latter to monitor the fixed product line.


Image format and resolution

IP camera image can be compressed into images with  different resolution according to different compression formats mjpeg, mpeg-4 and h.264 can get. The higher the compression level is, the more clear will image be. The reason why industrial cameras use trigger capture is that the image is generated by the original bitmap format which is easy to be send to the image processing software for detailed analysis and comparison. Perhaps the storage space is taken into account to use the acquisition mode.


For a class of cameras that are not concerned, industrial equipment image acquisition obtains a single or continuous image information based on the trigger signal. In other words, it is the trigger signal who captures images.

Image Acquisition

An ip camera can record video information of multiple areas and video streams can records image information. Currently, the mainstream ipc image acquisition method is to use ccd / cmos sensor as the image acquisition device and support soc chip with the function of image processing and encoding.

Motion detection alarm function

Both of the surveillance cameras can be upgraded remotely. In dealing with the alarm and the system management, there is a big difference. The IP camera supports trigger alarms by motion detection and it will record alarm information. Industrial equipment pay more attention to the system management line. vms platform can management camera control and data storage systematically.

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