POE Camera

A POE-powered camera is able to provide data connection and power for users simultaneously by using a category 5 Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for additional cabling.


As the high-definition network cameras gradually developed in  from 2010, A lot of security vendors have launched POE-powered IPC products with fully recognized in the industry. Today, POE has been applied greatly in the network camera, as a mainstream technology of IPC product.

The mature applications of POE network camera need long time work. Although the advantages of POE network camera is obvious, we can not ignore its limitations. One is that the high power can not be popular. For example, some outdoor high-speed ball and infrared ball can not achieve normal POE power limited by power, only through POE + or PoE + + to achieve. But this nonstandard POE need PSE and PD Supporting or the wildcards can not be achieved. Moreover, the complete IP monitoring system contains hanging interface of intercom, radio, alarm, etc. The use is very convenient. However, you can not enjoy the above convenience by using the POE mode power supply.

POE power supply switch or POE power supply usually work for several or dozens of cameras, but its internal only do the shunt power supply with no power failure redundancy. Once the POE break down, it will cause a wide range of camera downtime. Such situation should be strongly avoided and not allowed to occur especially in key security systems! The single POE Power supply mode is absolutely impossible to support the system. Therefore, "high-reliability, dual-backup, intelligent, security and dedicated power" emerged and met most people’s needs.

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