Introduction To POE Cameras

The full name of POE technology is "Power Over Ethernet", and the Chinese translation is "power supply of Ethernet". According to the introduction of a technical staff from CCTVMAN: a complete POE system including the power supply side equipment PSE and PD-side equipment PDE: PSE equipment supplies power for the Ethernet client and the common PSE in the security system is the POE switch; while the PD equipment is the PSE that receives power. That is to say, it is the client devices of POE system, such as network cameras and wireless APs. Based on the industry standard, the two parties establish information about the connection status, device type and power consumption level. And the PSE supply power to the PD through the Ethernet  according to the information.


The advantages of POE Cameras

1.Stable signal. When the camera connected to external, POE technology can effectively avoid the interference of strong magnetic field to maintain the screen more stable and clear;

2.Environmental protection and energy saving. The electrical module of general POE network camera has power identification function which can do power source  self-adapting to avoid energy waste and achieve effective energy-saving;

3. Stable performance: with less external interface and simple  connection, you can avoid errors and improve stability to a certain extent;

4. Cost savings. using POE power supply can reduce the AC or DC power supply equipment. And without the additional power wiring, you can not only eliminates the equipment construction and maintenance costs, but also eliminates the expensive electrical costs and at the same time saves the time of installing power supply system;

5. Deployment flexibility. The location of equipment deployment is not restricted, so you do not have to consider whether the power outlet is long enough and the terminal can be flexibly installed in any location on the remote;

6. Safe and reliable. Centralized power supply is available with backup conveniently. The power supply equipment can be connected to UPS so as to ensure the normal operation of the system once the main power input is interrupted.

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