How To Connect The Camera Of The Monitor To Computer

When installing the camera of monitor, most of people may have the follow questions. Whether the cable for the monitor’s camera is the same to the TV video line. As well as the relationship between video surveillance cameras and computer hard drive. What configuration does desktop need? Here CCTVMAN will answer the above questions for you.


First of all, most of the motherboard and configuration of desktop computer can connect to camera. The old desktop whose motherboard can not install the camera has been ruled out. The equipment need to be installed are surveillance cameras, as well as video capture card, video lines and power lines. Video acquisition installed on the computer motherboard. In general four-way of video acquisition is enough. You can also choose video acquisition based on the cameras you installed.

For video cable, you’d better choose professional video cable with good quality, which is also called coaxial cable. Some people use general cable. But the effect of general cable may not be as clear as professional video cable.

If you want to monitor remotely, you can buy the video capture card which can be remote control. Then install a client in your phone and link the desktop computer to network, you can see your store monitoring screen in any place at any time through  your phone.


When you are Installing and commissioning, you must pay attention not to install the camera wiring falsely. Because the DC voltage is divided into positive and negative with DC12V generally. The other general installation should follow the instructions.

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