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  • Closed-circuit Television Monitoring System 1
    Closed-circuit Television Monitoring System 12016/11/17

    CCTV surveillance system is a cross-sectoral integrated security system which uses the world's most advanced sensing technology, security monitoring technology, communications technology...

  • Closed-circuit Television Monitoring System 2
    Closed-circuit Television Monitoring System 22016/11/22

    With low storage cost and high efficiency, Digital hard disk video recording system also has the advantages of network transmission, remote transmission, circulation storage and so on. A...

  • The Composition Of Closed Circuit Monitoring System
    The Composition Of Closed Circuit Monitoring System2016/12/08

    Now, closed-circuit monitoring system are equipped at schools, offices, hospitals, supermarkets and other places for security which as a high-tech measures can not only prevent accidents...

  • Main Equipment Of CCTV Camera Security System
    Main Equipment Of CCTV Camera Security System2016/11/02

    1. Camera: In the security system, the camera is at the forefront of the system, it will change the optical image of the object into electrical signal - video signal, provides a signal s...

  • Common Problems Of Monitoring Camera
    Common Problems Of Monitoring Camera2018/03/07

    High performance of monitoring system depends on the perfect combination of camera and lens. In the monitoring project, if the user or the technical personnel lack of professional techni...

  • How To Connect The Camera Of The Monitor To Computer
    How To Connect The Camera Of The Monitor To Computer2018/03/07

    When installing the camera of monitor, most of people may have the follow questions. Whether the cable for the monitor’s camera is the same to the TV video line. As well as the relation...

  • Introduction To POE Cameras
    Introduction To POE Cameras2018/03/07

    The full name of POE technology is "Power Over Ethernet", and the Chinese translation is "power supply of Ethernet". According to the introduction of a technical staff from CCTVMAN: a co...

  • POE Camera
    POE Camera2018/03/07

    A POE-powered camera is able to provide data connection and power for users simultaneously by using a category 5 Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for additional cabling. As the high-...

  • The Difference Between IP Cameras And Industrial Cameras
    The Difference Between IP Cameras And Industrial Cameras2018/03/07

    The controller Traditional video surveillance cameras are operated and managed by professional managers while industrial cameras are are managed by machine for they are more focused on v...

  • Anti Theft Alarm System 1
    Anti Theft Alarm System 12016/11/09

    System Overview(1), The system uses the bus system, which can combine the equipment. Alarm signals, tamper signal, environmental monitoring signals, equipment fault signal, line fault si...

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