Common Problems Of Monitoring Camera

High performance of monitoring system depends on the perfect combination of camera and lens. In the monitoring project, if the user or the technical personnel lack of professional technical that lead to unreasonable selection and installation of camera and lens, it will directly affect the overall effect of the system.


1, camera and lens imaging size are not match

The image can appear successfully only when the lens imaging size is smaller than the camera chip size, and the field of view of the lens should be smaller than the nominal field angle. However, if the lens imaging size is smaller than the camera chip size, there will be dark corners around the monitor screen.

2, the interface of camera and lens are not match

The mismatch of the interface affects the distance from the second set of points of the lens to the camera chip, and the actual focal length is not the standard focal length of the lens, resulting in inability to focus. The standard gun-type camera interface and the lens interface should be the same as the C interface or CS interface; C interface lens must add adapter ring when it is installed to the CS interface camera; CS interface lens can not be installed to the C interface camera. Common gun-type camera interface is usually designed as a CS interface, which can both be connected to the CS interface lens and the C interface lens with adapter ring.

3, drive mode or voltage of the camera and the lens aperture are not match

Automatic aperture lens is usually divided into DC drive and video driver. Their working voltage are not exactly the same, so such mismatch will lead to the lens aperture can not be properly opened, naturally can not be imaged. When using automatic aperture lens, you should move the camera's aperture converter to the lens nominal drive side to ensure the camera's output voltage within the operating voltage of the aperture.

4, wiring problems

There are a variety of connections between the surveillance camera and the lens and the monitor. The malfunction problem of system may be cause by these connections if they are connected incorrectly or loosely. It is noted that you’d better read the device's instruction manual carefully before installation.
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