Anti Theft Alarm System 1

System Overview

(1), The system uses the bus system, which can combine the equipment. Alarm signals, tamper signal, environmental monitoring signals, equipment fault signal, line fault signal, power supply bad signal and other situation can be report to the control host through the bus immediately. The central control room detect and adjust the system equipment.

(2), The system can achieve all of its alarm function by a complete loop composed by itself, you can also access the system monitoring system. When the alarm signal input, it can be directly linked to the camera, the area screen is sent to the monitoring center for the first time.

(3), The system control center can use a 586 or more computers for alarm, its built-in functions are: alarm Chinese operating software. When the receiver receives the front-end detector alarm signal; the center receive software detection through the computer, alarm code, and bring up the relevant data in the database and automatically display alarm signal location on the screen; if the alarm signal has not been processing, the screen will be prompted to prevent the operator forget to deal with; the date and time of the alarm are processed and printed. The system can be programmed, switched on, off, armed, disarmed, and disarmed by a password keyboard. In addition, when the zone take up alarming, the alarm LED will display the zone number on the keyboard, so that the staff immediately clear alarm location.

Anti Theft Alarm System 1

Alarm system requirements of bank business premises 

(1) The alarm system equipment and components of the business premises shall comply with relevant national technical standards, and conform to the national designated testing center.
(2) The alarm system should be installed in the security area of the business location, and easy to repair.
(3) The alarm system should be sound and light display and accurately indicate the location of the alarm.
(4) The alarm system should have anti-sabotage function; artificial trigger alarm device should prevent misuse measures.

system product selection

(1) The alarm host: the United States C & K238 eight zone alarm host, the host can be linked to two independent control keyboard, the keyboard can independently control the detector arm and arm. Of course, it can set a control keyboard to control the arming and the entire system.
(2) Three detector: the United States DS, the detector with infrared, microwave and IFT three kinds of artificial intelligence detection technology, the trigger signal can be compared with the effective signal intelligence, only in line with the human body signal will give the alarm signal. Thus greatly reducing the non-human trigger caused by false positives and improve system reliability.
(3) Vibration sensor: Japan KTK SP2539; vibration controller: Japan KTK KS3110.
(4) Emergency button, anti-shear alarm: the excellent products of the reliable domestic joint venture.

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